Why add MCT oil to your coffee?

By Jenni Madison, Coconut Magic

Coffee is a powerful stimulant known to provide you with enhanced cognitive function, focus and concentration. It can also tax your adrenals, build acidity in your gut and provide a superficial high which is soon followed by a low (crash).

On the upside though, if you are looking to build your endurance for performing mentally demanding tasks, coffee combined with the right oils can provide the ‘boost’ of cognitive and physical energy that you need.

The synergistic blend of caffeine with a quality MCT oil (predominantly C:10 and C:8 sourced MCTs) offers a slow release, sustainable energy source for both brain and body.

The addition of MCTs synergises the effects of coffee in your system. Both coffee and MCTs act as stimulants, and together provide a sustained energy boost. They work in combination to enhance your cognitive abilities and let you finish your tasks, with focus and clarity, and without landing into feelings of fatigue and stress. The combination also prevents you from feeling mentally drained.

In addition, MCTs counteract the “acid-feeling” in the stomach that coffee may bring, as it promotes a healthy digestive system.

The combination of MCT oil with coffee may be a great idea especially if you are looking for an energy boost that would kick in immediately and have lasting effects. It is definitely recommended if you feel the need to fuel up your day!

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